Sabzevar is located on the country’s transportation highway, and roads 44, 87 and the freeway under construction from shrine to shrine pass through it, and the Turkmenistan-Quchan-Sabzevar transit highway leads from Sabzevar to other parts of the country. In order to prevent the passage of transit vehicles through the city, the highways of the eastern belt of Sabzevar (Hasht Behesht) and the northern belt of Sabzevar (Abrisham) are built, and through this, heavy vehicles are transferred to the southern belt and the western belt. The Martyrs of Nuclear Highway (Tohid Town) is the longest and widest passage in the city of Sabzevar, which is stretched from north to south.


Sabzevar Airport was opened in 2003 and now has international flights and is the only airport in Khorasan Razavi that transports passengers after Mashhad Airport. The airport, which previously experienced foreign flights to Damascus and Baghdad in the 1990s and 1990s, now operates direct return flights to Tehran six days a week. This airport was recognized as a permitted air border in May 2006 and became operational 24 hours a day on December 13, 2010.


The Sabzevar railway connects to the country’s railway network from Sultanabad station and connects to the city of Sabzevar. The length of this route is about 45 km and it is under construction. This route will continue to Mashhad-Bafgh and Mashhad-Birjand-Zahedan railways.


Sabzevar passenger terminal with 4000 square meters of infrastructure was built on a 10 hectare land in 1997. The terminal currently has 7 active passenger companies and serves daily to many cities including Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Gorgan, Sari, Bojnourd, Isfahan, Kashmar and other cities in the region. Also, suburban taxis under the supervision of this terminal transfer passengers to cities such as Quchan, Esfarayen, Joven and… .