Sabzevar University of New Technologies

 About the University :

Sabzevar University of New Technologies officially started its activities in early 2013. The main purpose of this university is to train the specialized force needed by the country in the fields of new interdisciplinary sciences and technologies, attracting elites and researchers and conducting applied research in order to create and present the knowledge needed by society to industrial and national centers for vision. And the lofty goals of the country were established. Sabzevar University of New Technologies will be active in response to the scientific needs of national and international leading and creative elites, researchers and entrepreneurs, in line with the world’s leading and leading universities and the creators of modern interdisciplinary sciences.

The newly established university has about 400 students.

Educational groups

In the first year of its establishment, this university has 6 activities :

  • Information Technology Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mathematical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Computational science

He has started at the undergraduate level and with the help of God, he will continue his work in higher levels and more fields in the future.

Library :

Abolfazl Bayhaqi Library

Laboratory :

Optics and laser laboratory