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Food tourism or stomach tourism is one of the types of tourism that can play an important role in attracting tourists. This type of tourism is related to the customs and culture of each country and region. It is very attractive for visitors from other countries of the world who come to these countries with different cultures and are ready to experience their culture, customs and food. Food tourism earns $ 200 billion worldwide.

Although this activity is known as food tourism, trying different drinks is also a major part of it. The inclusion of the phrase far or near in this definition is due to the fact that you do not need to travel to distant places in the country of residence or other parts of the world to travel around. Food tourists can explore and adventure food in areas close to where they live, such as neighborhoods and within their own city. The common denominator of all types of food tourism, or its most comprehensive definition, is the search for and enjoyment of specific foods and beverages in distant or near areas.

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