Mazinan desert is next to a village of the same name in Davarzan city located in Khorasan Razavi province. The city of Mazinan dates back to 1200 BC and traces of the antiquity of Iran can be found in it. Mazinan desert has a high potential for tourism. A desert with many sights and imaginative nights that is unfortunately lost despite its high potential to attract tourists. This historical village is also the birthplace of Dr. Ali Shariati.

Background of Mazinan village

The village dates back to years ago. Its name is from two parts, Mazn and Mazna, which in Kurdish mean the scientist and the position of scientists, respectively, and Mazinan is called the city of scientists. During the Qajar period, important political events took place in the village of Mazinan, including the killing of Nader Shah Afshar’s grandson by order of Agha Mohammad Khan. Towards the end of the Qajar period, the Turkmen invaded and the area was in turmoil. Amid the chaos, thieves invaded the area. Also, the nomads who live in Khartouran travel to this village.
Bargharar desert; According to Hudood al-Alam, it is a town that is perhaps different from all the villages in Iran.A cold spring that comes out of the heart of a large glacier in the scorching heat of the desert. It flows from the foothills of the northern mountains of Iran to the heart of the desert and rises from the heart of Arg-E-Mazinan.

کویر مزینان