Historic mansions

Undoubtedly, one of the features of Iranian architecture is its decorations, which have been widely discussed both before and after Islam. Decorations in architecture vary according to the climate and geographical conditions of each region.

Sabzevar has the largest number of historical houses in the western half of Khorasan. Sabzevar, a city of enduring antiquity due to its historical and cultural antiquity, many houses and buildings from different historical periods can be seen in which, in addition to the original architecture of the building, also pay good attention to the exterior decorations. And one of the common decorations in the historical buildings of Sabzevar is brick decorations.

Aldaghi Mansion and its owner have been mentioned many times in the historical novel Klidar by Mahmoud Dolatabadi. Of course, the character of Aldaghi, who was one of the influential khans of his time, is introduced as the master of Alajaghi in Klidar’s novel. This work belongs to the late Qajar period and was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on August 29, 2002 with registration number 5963 and was registered as a national monument in 1390. But since the fall of 2016, it is being renovated at the expense of the owner and under the supervision of Sabzevar University. This house was built during the Qajar period outside the city wall and a short distance from the western gate of the city called the Gate of Iraq, and the current Atamelak Street was built exactly on the city moat

Address :

Sabzevar city – South Atamelak Jovini street – in front of the passenger cooperative

Aldaghi house

Sabzevar historical Manisons