Welcome to Bizeh village

Bizeh is a village in Davarzan district and in Davarzan city it is a master of Khorasan Razavi.

This village is known as the country of pepper.


One of the products that is cultivated exclusively in Davarzan region, especially Bayzeh, is red pepper, which is collected after harvest and ground and packed by several small workshops, and most of the country’s consumption is supplied from this village. This product has introduced the village to the whole country in a special way

Of course, due to the recent drought, pepper is not grown in Bizeh , but is bought and supplied from other villages.


This village is one of the largest sources of pepper production in Iran. This village is the first exporter of pepper to India. More than 80% of the people in Bizeh are in the pepper trade. This village is known as the country of pepper

According to the 2012 census, the village population has been :

The village has an ancient tree that is 900 years old, whose name is cypress tree and its local name is mud. This tree has attracted the attention of many tourists.

کمه جوش خرفه

From the local cuisine of Bizeh village can be found Haveji rice, shervaee, avjij, Wheat pilaf, milk rice, tear gas, seed lust, gool maym, Growing grass, kachi, teapot, gourmet, nutmeg and Qateq pointed out

کمه جوش

The main dialect of the people of Bizeh village is Sabzevari

This village has an Imamzadeh named Seyyed Aboutaleb, a descendant of Imam Musa Kazem.

Village tribes: Hajino (Hajino), Azadi, Yoo, Haj Abbaso, Mir Mahli Yu, Ali Khan, Alrazio, Haj Mir Abbaso, Yusuf, Abdolmajido, Ali Akbar, Karmehli Yu,

Ceremonies: Polvar (fattening), wooden horse, Syrian Wednesday