Beyhaq Higher Education Institute

About the Institute :

Facilities and benefits of studying at the institute


1- Awarding a valid degree by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the possibility of continuing education in all universities and institutions inside and outside the country.

2- Continuous cooperation with Hakim Sabzevari University in undergraduate and graduate courses and also using the university library In the form of a memorandum of cooperation between us.

3- The possibility of continuing education without an entrance exam for excellent associate and bachelor degrees in undergraduate and graduate courses according to the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

4- Possibility to benefit from self-service (lunch) at the approved student price.

5- Possibility to benefit from student loans based on the quota of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

6- Granting a discount to excellent students (first to third persons) in the amount of 10, 20 and 30% fixed tuition.

7- Introducing sibling students to dormitories under the supervision of the institution that are self-governing.

8- Possibility to benefit from the student Umrah Hajj quota based on the quota of the Ministry of Science.

9- Holding preparatory classes for undergraduate and graduate students.

10- Holding specialized courses (software and hardware) required by the labor market for students.

11- Giving copyright to students’ scientific articles in scientific conferences, journals and scientific journals.

12- Providing high speed wireless internet (WIFI) services.

13- Having a laboratory and workshop equipped in each field and using students in their spare time in accordance with their type of interest in scientific activities. 14- Holding scientific and cultural camps according to the rules of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and sports competitions under the supervision of the Student and Cultural Deputy.

Institute courses

Discontinuous Masters
  1. Earthquake orientation civil engineering
  2. Civil Engineering Structural Orientation
  3. Family counseling orientation counseling
Discontinuous bachelor
  1. Scientific-applied accounting
  2. Electronic technology engineering
  3. Computer software technology engineering
  4. ICT Technology Orientation ICT applications
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Scientific-applied architecture
  7. Telecommunication technology engineering
  8. Orientation of transmission lines
For holders of a high school diploma
  1. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Architecture
  6. Bachelor of Psychology
  7. Civil Engineering (Building) – Discontinuous
  8. Bachelor of Laws
  9. Bachelor of Consulting
Continuing Associate (Technical and Vocational High School)
  1. General electronics
  2. Computer Software
  3. Child coach
  4. Civil construction of public works
  5. Architectural-architectural drawing