Tabas Village

One of the scenic and pleasant summer climates in Khorasan is the village of Batbas, 20 km north of Sabzevar. This village is located in the heart of the northern mountains of Sabzevar city.

Tabas village Sabzevar is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran that should not be confused with the city of Tabas! A village on the edge of the desert with lush and beautiful gardens and its location at the height of the mountain has made the climate of this village very suitable for traveling in spring….

Nature of Tabas

Green valleys, high mountains, numerous rivers and waterfalls and in general a variety of dreamy landscapes around Tabas prove the merit of this village to become an important hub of natural tourism in Khorasan.

Due to its location in a mountainous area, Tabas village has become a pleasant and lush area with many talents in the field of horticulture, agriculture and tourism. Existence of 17 springs, 15 aqueducts, 4 km long rivers and 4 deep wells has caused about 300 hectares of land in the plains and fences of the village to be cultivated in the dry and irrigated.



The village is a thousand years old, but what is documented in the history of Tabas dates back to the time of Sultan Seyyed Massoud Khan – a descendant of Imam Sajjad (AS) – that is, 350 years ago, who now live. Area. When Sabzevar was divided into four quarters,

The Tabas quarter was one of the four quarters. The age of living in Tabas village of Sabzevar is estimated to be about 1000 years. An old mill dating to the post-Islamic Middle Ages is proof of this claim. Do not miss to see these ancient objects.


A large part of Iran’s area consists of desert areas, whose summer heat begins in May. But on the outskirts of these deserts and in the village of Tabas Sabzevar, where mountains and springs can be seen, there are areas whose climate is summer and from mid-spring onwards, they welcome travelers seeking moderate weather during the warmer months of the year. This is the situation in the pleasant village of Tabas near Sabzevar. Sabzevar is bordered by the desert to the south and the mountains to the north. In fact, Tabas village of Sabzevar is located in a mountainous area. This village is one of the functions of “Khoshab” city and it should not be confused with the city of Tabas in South Khorasan. Tabas village of Sabzevar is a good destination for tourists who want to spend the night in mild weather and away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend the day walking in the alleys of the gardens. If you are a villager, do not miss Tabas Sabzevar village in June.



Tabas is about 1,500 meters above sea level and therefore, its climate is much cooler than Sabzevar. When you go to Tabas village from Sabzevar, you cross the “White Stone” pass and feel the passage from the desert to the mountains.

When you reach Tabas village in Sabzevar, lush valleys, rivers, springs and gardens will attract your attention. In this summer area, you will see many sources of water that have helped to develop the village.

Souvenirs and local food

In the orchards of the region, crops such as grapes, almonds, walnuts, melons and pistachios are grown. Depending on the season, you can buy these products directly from gardeners. If you want to taste their local dishes, you can try yogurt noodle soup, boiling curds and boiling yogurt. To eat these foods, you must stay in a villager’s house or in a newly established eco-lodge. The Tabas also cook on the night of Eid Samano.


Tabas village is one of the functions of Khoshab section of Sabzevar city, located 20 km north of Sabzevar city. There are 250 families of 2,000 people living in this village.


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    They also had an interesting ritual in the middle of Ramazan and it is still done by the elders; That is, in the analogy of the month of Ramazan, when half a month has passed and it is over, they go to the pass near the village and return to the village.

  • Muharram mourning

    One of the tourist attractions of Tabas village is the funeral of Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein, which has been held every year for many years with the presence of residents living in the village and other cities, as well as residents of neighboring villages and the city of Sabzevar. The taziyeh recitation ceremonies of this village have a special reputation in the city according to the surviving texts from ancient times and the capable taziyeh reciters.


Tabas Architecture

At the edge of the main road, the houses of the village are level and as you go to the foot of the mountain, the architecture of the village becomes more stepped. Of course, not in such a way that the roof of every house in Iran is a high house, but the view of mountain houses is stepped from a distance. If you look at the village of Tabas in Sabzevar from the top of the mountain, the alleys of lush gardens stand out among the brick and brick houses. Tabas village of Sabzevar has about 300 hectares of gardens. The architecture of the houses and alleys of Tabas village in Sabzevar is another spectacular attraction.


لوگو ننه کلو بابا کلو

Grand Mother and Grand Father Ecolodge, Tabas village

In line with its mission, this ecotourism has had significant activities in the field of popular culture, anthropology and food culture, and has laid the foundation of its work in the field of promotion and dissemination of this important. Conducting research and production work and producing 13 documentaries of local food and occasion is one of the effective measures of this ecotourism. Winning various titles in the field of local food in the regional festival of Iranian table is proof of this claim.

ننه کلو بابا کلو

Travel to Tabas

The proximity of Tabas village in Sabzevar to the Tehran-Mashhad transit road and the railway has made traveling to it easy.

  • Tehran - Mashhad road

    The people of Tehran reach Sabzevar from Semnan and Shahroud and the people of Mashhad come from Neishabour. Enter Sabzevar, go to Daneshgah Boulevard in the north of the city and continue the direct route to the north. Approximately 20 km after Tohidshahr town, it reached Tabas village of Sabzevar.

  • Bojnourd

    If you come to Tabas village from Bojnourd, you do not need to go to Sabzevar. Go to Esfarayen, pass Esfarayen as well. Shortly after Hokmabad, where you will see the “Joven” and “Niqab” exits, you will see the Tabas exit on your left, and from there you will have less than 30 kilometers to the village of Tabas Sabzevar.

  • public transportation

    Apart from buses on the Tehran-Sabzevar-Mashhad route (and taking a closed taxi from Sabzevar to Tabas), you can also use the train. If you get off at Niqab railway station, you can take a taxi to Tabas village in Sabzevar.