About Roudab:

Roudab is a city in Khorasan Razavi province in eastern Iran. This city is located in Roudab section of Sabzevar city. The city of Roudab is located in the southwest of Sabzevar and is reached by an asphalt road from Sabzevar. Roudab district, one of the seven districts of Sabzevar city, which is located in the southwest of the city and 45 km from Sabzevar city and has an area of 4942 square kilometers and three villages called Foroughan to the center of Roudab with an area of 1550 square kilometers, the center of Khashad is Bajdan with 1295 square kilometers It is located in the center of Ojnord with 2096 square kilometers.

روستای سریش

Naming :

According to the comments of informed people and as it is clear from the name of the district and Roudab, it is taken from the name of a big river called Roudab river which originates from Kumish mountains (Oor and Kamar Qaleh) 25 km from Roudab city and after making farms It was inside the Tigris, where even sailing took place, and one of its signs is the Shat-E-Bahram near Kalateh Mir Ali, which can be mentioned that its water has decreased over time and is still ongoing.

in past :

In Dehkhoda dictionary, quoting the geographical culture of Iran, volume 9, it is stated about this settlement: Qasbeh Qala-e-Naw-e-Rudab, the center of Foroughan rural district, sixth district of Sabzevar city, located 32 thousand gezi west of sixth and 6 thousand gezi south of Kalshor. These ten are located in the plains and tropical. It has a population of 802 people. Its water comes from the aqueduct and its products are grains, cotton, cumin, and agriculture. It has a carriageway. There is no settlement called Foroughan in Foroughan village, but it is the name of a block whose center is the town of Norood Ab and has a primary school.

Political situation and divisions:

Roudab district was established by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in the meeting of July 12, 1989 and has a total of one urban point called Roudab city, 80 villages with 67 inhabited villages and 13 uninhabited villages and 42 villages with more than 20 households including the Islamic Council. And 41 villages include Dehyari.

Roudab district is one of the seven districts of Sabzevar city which is located in the southwest direction of the city and 45 km from Sabzevar city. Currently, Roudab district to the center of Roudab has three villages and a city:

  • Khashad village to be the center of Bajdan with an area of 1295 square kilometers
  • Foroughan village to the center of Roudab with an area of 1550 square kilometers
  • Kooh Homayi village to the center of Ojnourd with an area of 2096 square kilometers

Cities: Roudab

Roudab district from the north with the villages of Rivand, Sadkharv, Mazinan from the district of Davarzan, from the northeast with the village of Qasabeh Gharbi from the central part and Beyhaq village from the sixth district and from the east with the village of Takab and Kuh-e Mish from the sixth district from the south with Bardaskan city and finally It is bordered by Shahroud city of Semnan province from the west.

population :

According to the general population and housing census in 2016, the population of this city was 4,028 people (in 1,254 households).

روستای سریش


The area of this city is 4942 square kilometers.

geographical location :

Roudab district is one of the seven districts of Sabzevar city in Khorasan Razavi province, which is located 42 km southwest of the city.

This section is located at 35 degrees and 37 minutes north and longitude 57 degrees and 18 minutes east.

Due to the special extent of Roudab section, three villages of Foroughan Jolgei, Khashad mountainous and hilly and desert and semi-mountainous Kuh-E-Homayi have been distinguished from each other.

tourism places :

Prince Abolghasem of Garmak village

Imamzadeh Parvand (Imamzadeh Seyed Ibrahim) Parvand village

Tomb of Seyed Jalal Hashemi in Darqadam

Tomb of the Five Innocents of Baharestan

Imamzadeh Darqadam

Pir Bidak Tomb

Old-Badr tomb of Estaj

Tomb of Shahrbanoo Begum (Arian)

Imamzadeh Banqan

Imamzadeh Rudab

Imamzadeh Barabad

Imamzadeh Kalate Mir-Ali

Economy :

In Parvand area, near Roudab, there is a cement factory called Lar Cement Factory. The distance of this factory from Sabzevar city is 70 km.

local food :

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    Common local food in Sabzevar has a variety and abundance and each of them is related to a specific period of time. Awjij – Kame joush – Eshkeneh – Komaj – Mesveh – Deni – Kachi – Joush Bareh Ash – Ash Mast – Qouriy Ash – Qelye Bademjan – Alaf Mast (similar to spinach bourani); But these foods are not in such a way that the people of this land always use them, and the common foods in our country are cooked and eaten in this vast city. Qormeh is one of the foods that can be attributed to the people of Sabzevar villages, including Nodeh Arbab. It is used to cook mixed foods.

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    Sabzevar traditional markets:

    You can still find handicraft production centers and traditional jobs in the corners of Sabzevar. Markets where, as in previous years, masters work. Among these traditional occupations in Sabzevar city, we can mention blacksmithing, carpentry, felt weaving and spinning. The most important souvenir of Sabzevar is Sabzevar gingerbread cake, which has many fans among locals and tourists. Sabzevar spices (cumin, turmeric, etc.) are also of good quality.